World History

The Age of Mist

The world is new, civilization is flourishing, the races are cooperating with one another, and while magic is still feared and met with awe it is at least respected and accepted. Civilization hasn’t spread across the whole continent yet, many lands are unexplored, and there are untold monsters and horrors beyond the borders.

The Gods created the world an untold number of years ago, and sometime after that Humans, Elves and Ogres were created. Some years after that, goblins, hobgoblins, orcs, kobolds, and other goblinoid demihumans were found by the ogres in their mines. Dwarves, gnomes and halflings were created accidentally by the forger of the world as sparks off his anvil. Here and there more creatures were created one by one by the Gods for certain tasks. Some escaped and bread, other died out. Powerful mages summon beasts from other planes, or meld creatures together in an attempt to create new life.

An untold number of years after creation, the Ogres, who were once intelligent and beautiful, if not still evil, conspired together to overthrow their creator Malkis. Luring Malkis into the world, the Ogres turned on him, using their size, fine weapons and powerful magics. The Ogres failed, and as a punishment for their treachery, Malkis cursed the race of Ogres, turning them from the beautiful and brilliant people they once were into the ugly and stupid beasts they are now. Ogres have lost the ability to be wizards, but here and there are a few priests with magical powers.

These are the years of prehistory, record keeping only starting with the Ogre Wars: the first great war of the world, where Ogres, Orc, Goblins, Kobolds and Hobgoblins marched together against the Humans, Elves and Dwarves. Without the experience of their history, the good races underestimated their opponents, and hardly put up a fight until most of the elves were annihilated. The Ogre Wars resulted in close record keeping and an alliance of the good races to defend one another, as well as a drastic reduction in the number of elves.

The Age of Dreams
0AD – 550AD

In the year 350AD, the archmage Magius (from which we get the term ‘mage’), opened a rift into the abyss through which a host of demons swarmed. What Magius was attempting to do has been lost, although the result was absolute destruction of all life in the Korall mountains. The alliance of elves, humans and dwarves sought to fight off the demons, but were steadily pushed back by the tide of evil. Eventually a band of five emerged. Fighting their way through the darkness, the heroes arrived at the Tower of Magius, sealing the rift, and destroying the demon warlords. Mop up took many more years, but eventually life returned to normal, and peace was restored.

Early in the 6th century, darkness once again spread across the land… [Description censored as this is a concurrent campaign] …and with that, the threat to the world once again put to rest.

Age of Might
551AD = 1AM

Gone are the carefree days of old, gone is the trust of magic, gone are the old treaties, and gone is the notion of a clear right and wrong. Humans have come out of the Age of Dreams as the dominate force in the world, and now they forge mighty empires that fight back and forth for power. Dwarves have retreated into their mountain hold-fasts and left the surface dwellers to fight over the lands under the sun while they burrow and obsess over the riches of the deep earth.

The elves have found rule under humans to be less than appealing and skirmishes between disillusioned elves and haughty humans spark racial tensions. In 165AM, Kithharah led a great migration of elves out of human lands to an unoccupied island, creating the only elvan kingdom: Syl Quoa Migdoloth – The Land of the High Born.

It is now the year 284AM and we are well into the Age of Might. The empires forged in the Age of Dreams seek to grow their borders, and the smaller more peaceful territories are quickly swept up in the hurry for power. Great Mages craft might weapons for Kings, and in an effort to expand their arts, Entropy Magic (also known as Blood Magic or Black Magic) blossoms. White Wizards are trusted, but not respected. Red Wizards are respected, but not trusted. Black Wizards are feared and left to their own devices.

The darkness in humans grows, and a rising population starts to turn in on itself. It’s no longer uncommon, let alone rare, to find human brigands working in concert with Ogres or Hobgoblins. Towns on the edge of civilization find themselves overflowing with half breeds of hideous combinations. All the while, humans turn their eyes towards their neighbors, and turn their backs on the few untamed wilds left.

World History

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