Magic System


Magic is highly structured, and originates from one of the three gods of magic. As such, all mages belong to one of three orders: White Robes, Red Robes, or Black Robes. Each order comes with a suite of advantages and restrictions. That said, a practitioner must follow the ethos of their particular order: White robes being generally good, red being neutral, and black being generally evil.

Regardless of order, the first loyalty of all mages is to magic, with the second priority being to their order. To that end, mages of all orders can be found working together in the seven towers of sorcery. Each tower is run by a council of ten: three archmages of each order, and the ruler of the tower. Here, mages of all races, backgrounds and order can be found working to further their study. Inside the towers, conflicts between members is strictly forbidden, and met with swiftly and permanently.

Differences between the orders

White Robes
Spells are cast as 1 level higher.
Spells may be cast missing a V/S/M component at level.
Spells may be cast missing two V/S/M components at -1 level.
Forbidden from using entropy components.

Red Robes
May memorize 1 extra spell at each spell level.
Forbidden from using entropy components outside of enchantments, divinations and research.

Black Robes
Gains spells as if 1 level higher.
Spells of a higher level than normally available still need the typical minimum caster level (E.G. A 4th level black mage is capable of casting 3rd level spells if they use entropy magic or some other source to boost their casting level to at least that of a 5th level mage).

Entropy Magic

Also known as ‘Blood Magic’ or ‘Black Magic’, Entropy Magic is the system of using life force to replace spell components or to amplify magical effects (but not both). Only one source may be used to power a spell. This can be as simple as cutting your hand or sacrificing a chicken, or as complicated as an elaborate human sacrifice ritual.

Mat. Comp. Value Casting level bonus Entropy Requirement
N/A +1 level d8 temp HP
1 GP +1 level d4 real HP (must draw blood)
5 GP +1 level Chicken / Cat
25 GP +2 levels Dog / pig / Goat / Sheep
100 GP +3 levels Donkey / Cow / horse / oxen
350 GP +4 levels Human / Elf / Goblin < 6hd intelligent humanoid
750 GP +5 levels Basalisk / Pegasus / < 8hd magical beast / < 10hd intelligent humanoid
1000 GP +7 levels => 15hd magical beast / => 10hd intelligent humanoid
10,000 GP +8 levels Dragon / Beholder / Titan


As per normal. No access to entropy magic.

Magic System

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