Gods and Religion

Greater Gods

Astair – God of light and order and leader of the good gods.
Malkis – God of darkness and chaos and leader of the evil gods
Nuruil – Goddess of nature and neutrality.
Felumbra – Goddess of the underworld and the departed spirits.
Staerith – God of knowledge and wisdom.
Martha – Goddes of creation and life.
Voraci – God of death and destruction

Lesser Gods

Agepa – Hunting
Aquantis – Rain, symbol being a wooden raindrop with a blue topaz (or other blue gem stone) in the shape of a raindrop embedded in the front.
Bal – Exploitation: He influences people to use every encounter with another person to their advantage. He is ultimately selfish and cares for no one but himself, and passes that attitude on to his mortal followers
Bel – Fatalism: Encourages people to surrender to destiny/fate. He promises immortality to people in exchange for their souls.
Jexal – Luck, wine, and things out of our control. Jexal’s name is both cursed and praised when something unexpected seems to derail plans. Alcohol is used in ceremonies involving him.
John – Son of Nuruil and governer of organized nature – crops, gardens, farmers etc. Has a fondness for corn, and is has a flamboyant personality.
Matrigal – Daguter of Martha and goddes of fertility.
Nerual – Love: Twin sister to Reluna, Nerual looks after and encourages the deep long term love found among families and between spouses. She is often at odds with her sister.
Pal – Fear: He feeds on the fears of the world, granting powers to those who seek to cause terror.
Quantarius – The god of bargins. Like Velmontarious, he is often protrayed with scales, but Quantarius’ always have one side heavier than the other.
Reakor – Disease: Her followers often believe that we are all at the mercy of plagues, and have decided to align themselves with Reakor out of self perservation. Usually these followers are surviors of areas overrun with disease.
Reluna – Passion: Twin sister to Nerual, Reluna fosters intense passion and bright burning love. She is often at odds with her sister.
Rynus – Misperceptions: Not quite the same as lies, Rynus might almost be said to be the god of appearances and expectations. Politicians, thieves, spies, and many nobles pray to him. Anyone seeking to have their image (physical or otherwise) displayed in a certain way.
Sayor – Crafting
Sol – Sun
Velmontarious – Judgement / Justice. God of many eyes and none, Velmontarious had 4 faces, one for each direction, although each of his eight eyes are blind. Often seen holding balanced scales.
Velthara – Vengeance: Rules anger, wrath, revenge, and jealousy. She is sometimes depicted as a two headed serpent: One head breathing fire, the other breathing frost.

Gods and Religion

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