The Cast

  • Geoff “EG.iNcontroL” Robinson – The Constant Sword Sharpener, Human Fighter, Vincent Longborn (Character Sheet)
  • Genevieve “LivinPink” Forget – The Compulsive Elf Thief, AbigaĆ«l Aidelbaum (Character Sheet)
  • JP “itmeJP” McDaniel – The Incredibly Large and Evil Alcoholic Cleric, Tudagub (Character Sheet)
  • Ryan “MLGRyan” Moore – The Anorexic Elf Ranger, Bregor (Character Sheet)
  • With Neal ‘Koibu’ Erickson as DM

Basic Info

  • TL Thread with VOD links
  • Stream at 8:00PM EDT most Sundays
  • We are playing a heavily house ruled version of 2nd edition AD&D.